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Proper Freezing Techniques:

Fish- Double saran wrap lay out flat, protect the tail and fins.

Birds- Freeze whole, place in heavy duty zip lock bag or heavy duty trash bag. protect the wings and tail. place head  directly over the back . Be sure to wrap the bird thoroughly in soaking wet paper towels wrapped around the entire bird will greatly increase the longevity of your bird in the freezer. You should never use panty hose, newspaper, or a Kroger sack under any circumstances.  

Small Mammals- Freeze whole, double wrap with garbage bag, lay out flat.

Medium Mammals- Freeze whole, double wrap with garbage bag, lay out flat.

Large Mammals- Remove carcass the skin. Leave head,feet and tail in the skin. let feet out and roll up skin to head then fold feet up on top of skin. Do not roll up skin over head and feet.

Deer and Game heads - If you must freeze you deer head before you are able to get it to us it is our recommendation  to wrap the hole deer rack included if possible with a garbage bag. You must cover the ears, the ears of a deer will freezer burn quickly and will 90% of the time affect the quality of your mount!

Animals start to deteriorate as soon as it dies. Keep the specimen in the cold. The warmer the faster bacteria will spread, the colder the slower.

Be carefull not to expose your specimen to heat when transporting. Don't drive around unneccessary, truck beds can become quite warm from the sun over time. Show your trophy off after it is mounted.

Ventilate the carcass of large animal if unable to skin immediately.

Don't assume your guide or outfitters know how to take care of your trophy. Visit with your taxidermist for information before going on your hunt.

Don't let dead fish lay in warm water, keep the fish cool and moist

Do not shove your bird to be mounted in coat,decoy bags, or hauling straps. Keep the bird in a dry safe place away from direct sun light. carry platic bags to store your bird in during boat rides or transportation.

Repairs are not always easy to conceal, don't shoot unneccessary. be careful when dragging and hanging. Do not hang by the neck.

        ***   Animals still deteriorate in the freezer. Don't forget about them. They will freezer burn. The better you care for your trophy the better the taxidermist can do your mount.    ***