Name: Anthony Wells

Address: 1480 Glen Springs Rd

Drummonds, Tennessee 38023

Phone: ( 901)-592-8456 we can be reached via call or text.

Shipping: We can and frequently do ship birds to many places across the  USA. We can also receive shipped birds , before shipping a bird we urge you to contact us first for shipping procedures and proper documentation so that the shipment can be made legally.

Where memories of the field last forever

We often times get asked ," Is this bird mountable?" The truthful reality is some birds are just not very good candidates for a mount. However many things on a bird are repairable such as shot holes in the bill or feet of the bird. Broken wings can also be repaired, however at times a closed wing pose may give you the best mount. What about matted blood spots or birds that are soiled in mud or perhaps the "stain" on the breast of a pintail? They can also be cleaned away so your bird will have a look many never would have thought was possible. In our studio we feel that our clients should get the best bang for their buck. We often times will recommend a pose based on the birds condition, however the final decision rest in the hands of our clients.

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Do you love the sound of whistling wings? Watching the rut unfold in front of you? Maybe its the hammering of that old tom on a cool spring morning or that hard thump every fisherman anticipates.

At Wells  Taxidermy, your peice will be preserved, tanned, and constructed with the best quality materials available ensuring you it will last and be something you will be proud to show off. The use of reference cast and photos allows us to give your trophy superior detail. The strive to capture the suttle details that really bring a peice to life, such as nictating membranes, inner nostril detail, detailed eyes, eye rings, scale details of fish and bird feet, realistic habitats with superior details and more.

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I would personally like to welcome you to our site and encourage you to explore our pages and photo galleries. Thank you for the consideration of our services and we hope your memories of the field are ones never to be forgotten   -  Anthony Wells

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